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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another new beginning.

Well here we are again another blog. I must say that I have been fighting shy of my other blogs for some time now. This has mainly been because I have not had much to say and certainly not not much theological on pilgrimage as I still am not very fit in the knees. I have wondered if I will ever be able to walk the great distances need to complete a Santiago pilgrimage. So I have been staying home and thinking about the challenges of contemplation/. I have read much, understood a little and practiced enough to fill a small advert slot in the middle of Coronation Street. ( should anyone outside the U.K. pick this up Coronation Street is a soap on TV). I have started this blog because I want to ramble on about the things that interest me about life, pilgrimage,food and hospitality and anything that takes my fancy. So here goes.

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