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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Story from John Oley

John has just returned from a pilgrimage on the Frances. He started at St Jean 
and walked all the way to Santiago. 
Dear Ian,
On 16/5 this year I awoke in the private Albergue in Ages. At around 6.10
am. I walked next door to the Albergue which had a café for breakfast. I ate
my tostados and drank my coffee quickly and for me relatively quietly though
I shared a "Buenos Días" with Walter(German) Jacques(Fr.) Tula and
Anita(Finnish) and Jim(from Dublin).  Having paid my 2 Euros I departed
turning left out of the door. Almost immediately I was set upon by 3 very
large and very noisy dogs. Blessing my dependence on my walking poles which
I had already in their extended mode I fended the dogs  off and edged
backwards into the café/bar causing great hilarity amongst my fellow
peregrinos. I explained my terror of large dogs-." I hope you didn't hit
them with your sticks" piped up Jim,"they were just angel-guides for you". .
After a few moments the senor café owner attracted my attention by barking
'wuff wuff'- he gestured me to the door and indicated he would guard me from
the dogs- he indicated the path I should take- to the right- Indeed I had
taken the wrong turning and the dogs were simply guarding me back on track.

Angels don't always come in the guise you are expecting. And for days there
was fun  as I was teased  by requests in various languages as to whether I
had seen any small dogs or.... even small  cats!

God Bless,

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