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Friday, 12 August 2011

A trip to the Bristish Museum

A small group of pilgrims went to the above exhibition yesterday. It was
the common view that it is well worth a visit. There are plenty of interesting
and often unusual relics to see. It was even more interesting to notice the
difference between the mindset of modern, scientific man and the men and
women of the medieval ages. For a Santiago pilgrim this paradigm shift is
not very difficult to leap. It is clear that they had a much bigger view of
what constitutes reality. However the exhibition has twist in the tale.
The last exhibit is a projection of Lenin and other cult figures of the twentieth
centry as well as a referance to the cult of personality and our use of grave
memorials to those we love. This left the question hanging in the air; Is this
so different. Is it not just another way of getting back in touch with someone
who is important to you? Which is a great question. Are not that Saints still with

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