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Thursday, 14 July 2011

I raise up on Eagles wings.

This was sent to me today, so I am sharing it. Thanks to the one who sent it.


A farmer once took an egg from an eagle's nest. He took it home and 
placed it under one of his hens and it hatched with a little brood 
of chickens. The farmer raised the bird with great patience and attempted
to tame him. The eagle never really seemed to fit in with the chickens. 
It always walked alone; it could not seem to relate to or interact with 
the chickens.

As the eagle grew, he realized something seemed to be wrong deep inside 
of him. Even though he had never known any other existence but life in 
the chicken yard, it just did not feel like home to him. He wanted to 
leave the chicken yard and take to the skies. He even tried to 
do so, and the farmer finally had to clip the eagle's wings to 
keep him from flying away.

Since the eagle could not fly, he just sat in the chicken yard 
looking up at the sky. One day a storm began to brew, the sky grew dark, 
and all the barnyard animals scurried around for cover; the chickens 
were terribly frightened, as chickens are prone to be. The eagle sat
watching the scene in front of him, realizing the storm did not
frighten him in the least.

At that moment, he could not help but stretch out his wings, and as 
he did, he noticed that the farmer had failed to keep 
them clipped.

Suddenly, his eye caught sight of a great eagle riding the wind 
above him, his wings outstretched in majestic form.

The eagle that was raised as a chicken looked again at the 
chickens scurrying around frantically, then returned his gaze to the 
eagle soaring peacefully above him, then looked back at the chickens 
and then up at the eagle again. He heard the eagle let out an awesome,
piercing cry. In that instant, he knew he had to 
get out of that chicken yard! A mighty gust of wind swept beneath his 
outstretched wings and lifted him into the air. With a shrill scream 
of victory and freedom, he left the barnyard forever.


God has a great purpose for your life-and you cannot escape or ignore 
the inner urge to "go for it." But do you also know you will have to 
work hard; take risks; endure loneliness; leave some things behind; 
make some difficult decisions; or perhaps be misunderstood, judged, 
or even criticized in order to achieve and enjoy the fullness of 
God's destiny for your life?

Know this: All eagles are uncomfortable in a barnyard. They 
all It it ig for the clear, blue, open skies. When you are 
living in a place that keeps you from being who you were made 
to be and doing what you ,u r meant to do, you will be 
uncomfortable too. When the thought of moving beyond where 
you are begins to take root in your heart and mind, when a 
seed of greatness begins to grow, when you have a burning 
desire to step out of where you are or a desire to be adventurous.
I'll do something new or different, pay attention to it. Begin to 
act on it. But also realize that people around you may 
not understand your desire to break out of the box. They may 
want to clip your wings. They may even say, "Now just settle down 
and be like all the other chickens. Here you have his nice chicken 
yard and these nice little worms and grubs. Why should you 
ever want any more than that?".

When you hear such comments and questions, something inside of 
you may ask, What is wrong with me? Why do I think as I think? 
Why do I feel this way? Why can't I just settle down and live 
a normal life like everybody else? The reason you 
cannot just settle down is that you are not a chicken; 
you are an eagle! You will never feel at home in that chicken 
yard because you were made for something bigger, more beautiful, 
and more fulfilling.

The eagle is one of nature's best examples of strength, perseverance, 
and determination. It is a bird who refuses to be denied its destiny, 
one who never gives up.

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