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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Blues

Today I have something for you that I love. Well, the whole broadcast
is not just this quote. It is from American Public Broadcasting. The
show is called "A Prairie Home Companion". The exact quote is a song:-
  Amazing Grace. I owe this presentation of this well known hymn to
the above show.  It also has a verse that I have not heard before.

As to the show you can find it here
I just love the mix of old time broadcasting. It is like something straight
out of the golden age of American Variety broadcasting.
I enjoy it because it is entertaining in a gentle, wholesome way.
Underneath, it seems to me there is a strong Christian, but not revivalist,
river that is encouraging. I hope you enjoy.
More on this blog in an hour or two.

Oh, by the way. I have posted three pictures that fit an earlier story,
scroll down to see Frank Burns on his
bike at Finesterre.

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