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Friday, 8 July 2011

Pilgrim food and feasting

The picture above is by Stanley Spencer. It depicts the last Supper. Spencer
was an English painter of the mid twentieth century. He lived in Cookham on
the Thames. He was very active in painting Christian themes, although in his
lifetime he was better known for landscapes. He had a view of life that was open
to Christ in his daily life. Thus is saw nothing odd is portraying Jesus in the
streets of Cookham as a modern citizen. His last painting for example,
was called Jesus preaches at Henley Regatta. Enough of the art history.

I have posted this picture because in a way it reminds me of a meal in an
Albergue. Especially the feet, open to the air to rest. That in turn reminds me that the
Feast of St James will soon be with us. We gather on 30 July at Noon for Mass
and the feast. This will be followed by a showing of the new film 'The Way'.
Please let me know if you are coming.

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