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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Missing Codex

Julián Barrio breaks his silence to mourn the loss of the book
The Vatican "shares the sorrow" of Galicia by the disappearance of the codex

The Archbishop of Santiago, Julián Barrio, who was traveling in France when the news broke of the disappearance of the Codex Calixtino of the Cathedral of Compostela held a press conference at Madrid airport and gave his first comments about the event. 

In a sad voice, the archbishop explained that he had kept in touch "at all times" with the vicar and the dean, José Maria Diaz, who told him the developments and progress of the first police investigations into the thief. Julián Barrio, who until now had been silent on the disappearance of great treasure of the cathedral was due to return to Santiago yesterday.

Moreover, the disappearance of the Codex has come to the attention of Rome.  Sources of the Pontifical Council of Culture of the Holy See at the Vatican said yesterday that "We share the sorrow of Galicia by the loss of this unique jewel”. "It is no longer its material value, or its religious worth,but its enormous value as a foundational element of European culture."

The Holy See added that the volume constitutes an important reference for all of Europe in its crucial role in the promotion of pilgrimages to Santiago and the compilation of different aspects of musical, literary and historical information found within its pages. 

We all pray for "speedy recovery" of the volume.

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